Windows Embedded Desktop Theme Pack for Windows XP

A new theme for Windows XP has been extracted from Windows Embedded Standard and is available for download. You shouldn´t have any problems installing it or need any patch to make it work because it´s an official Microsoft release, digitally signed by them.

Royale Theme for Windows XP from Microsoft New Zealand

  • Windows Embedded Standard CTP Theme for XP, 2003
    Just download it, unzip it, and place the .theme and embedded folder into your %systemroot%\resources\themes folder, then double click on the embedded.theme file.
    Download ->

Windows XP Designs, Wallpaper und Bildschirmschoner

Hier stehen diverse Desktop Theme Packs zur Verfügung. Zum Beispiel stehen für Windows XP weihnachtliche Designs mit Symbolen, Audiodateien und Wallpaper zum Download bereit.

Die oben erwähnten Desktop Theme Packs können nur in Windows XP verwendet werden.