Visual Studio Code für Windows, OS X und Linux verfügbar

Microsoft hat im Laufe des Abends auf seiner Entwickler-Konferenz Build 2015 in San Francisco eine Variante der Entwicklungsumgebung Visual Studio, die nicht nur auf Windows, sondern auch auf OS X und Linux läuft, vorgestellt. Gleichzeitig wurde Visual Studio Code für Windows, Mac und Linux veröffentlicht und zum Download freigegeben. Damit stellt Microsoft einen Code-Editor, der nativ nicht nur unter Windows arbeitet, sondern auch unter OS X und Linux entwickelt. Die neue Entwicklungsumgebung kann ab sofort als Preview Version über die weiter unten genannte Webseite heruntergeladen und getestet werden, uns zwar für Windows, Mac und Linux. Weitere Informationen zu Visual Studio Code finden sich bei Microsoft.

Visual Studio Code

Download -> Visual Studio Code für Windows, OS X und Linux herunterladen

Das kostenlos erhältliche Visual Studio Code für Windows, OS X und Linux lässt sich ab sofort über die folgende Webseite von Microsoft herunterladen:

Visual Studio Code für Windows, OS X und Linux -> Übersicht

  • Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows -> Runs natively on the operating system of your choice: Get up and running in minutes and be productive no matter what OS you are using. Regular updates are simple to install and released on all platforms at the same time. The perfect complement to your favorite developer tools.
  • Language coverage -> 30+ languages and counting, syntax highlighting, bracket matching: Syntax colorization, highlighting, and bracket matching make Code a great editor for all your programming tasks. Visual Studio Code supports JavaScript, C#, C++, PHP, Java, HTML, R, CSS, SQL, Markdown, TypeScript, LESS, SASS, JSON, XML, and Python as well as many other common file formats.
  • Code-focused editing -> Fast and keyboard-centric, advanced editing with multiple cursors: A lightweight editor with first-class keyboard-centric gestures means you never need to reach for the mouse. Instantly open large or small files and focus on your code without distraction. Leverage advanced editing features such as multiple cursors, auto-save, and more.
  • Code navigation -> RegEx find, outlining, peek definition: Keep in context as you move through large code files and across your code base. The enhanced scrollbar highlights issues in the current file, integrated find supports regular expressions. Code outlining, navigate to and peek definition help you get where you need to be fast.
  • Code understanding -> IntelliSense, linting, refactoring: IntelliSense describes APIs as you type, auto-completing to increase speed and accuracy. Quick Info tool tips let you inspect API definitions, and “Squiggles” let you know about issues, often showing them as you type.
  • Debugging -> Break, watch, inspect: Diagnose issues with your application with integrated debugging tools for Node.js, TypeScript, and JavaScript. Set breakpoints in your code, break on exceptions, watch variables, step through your code, or navigate up the call stack, as well as attaching to local running processes.
  • Git version control -> Commit, diff, pull and push: Embrace modern workflows with the power and flexibility of Git. See changed files, diffs, and make commits right from within the editor. Connect with the entire Git universe by pulling and pushing code to any remote—GitHub, Azure Web Apps, Visual Studio Online, and more.
  • Make it yours -> Choose your theme, customizable key bindings, and more: It’s one thing to be able to work with any source file, any Git remote and on your favorite OS. Code allows you to configure the environment the way you want with support for multiple UI themes, custom key-bindings, and more.
  • ASP.NET 5 and Node.js -> Rich support for modern web technologies: Visual Studio Code supports the end-to-end development workflow for ASP.NET 5 and Node.js applications. Full IntelliSense, debugging support, and more across all supported operating systems. Including many of your favorite frameworks such as D3, JQuery, Express, Angular, grunt, gulp, and more.

Weitere Informationen zu Visual Studio Code für Windows, OS X und Linux finden sich hier.

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