Updates for Excel 2007 Help released

Microsoft has released updated Help (HxS) files for Excel 2007. This update installs the latest assistance content for the Excel 2007 Help file and the Excel 2007 Developer Help file. By default, excelhelp.msp automatically replaces the current EXCEL.DEV.HXS and EXCEL.HXS file in the \Program Files\Office12\1033 directory on the drive where you installed Office 2007.

Office 2007

Download -> Office 2007 System Help Updates herunterladen

The following files are available for download at Microsoft Download Center:

  • Updates für die Microsoft Office Excel 2007-Hilfe – April 2009
    Durch dieses Update werden die neuesten Unterstützungsinhalte für die Excel 2007-Hilfedatei und die Office Excel 2007 Developer-Hilfedatei installiert.
  • Updates for Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Help – April 2009
    This update installs the latest assistance content for the Office Excel 2007 Help file and the Office Excel 2007 Developer Help file.
  • Updates für die Microsoft Office Excel 2007-Hilfe – November 2008
    Durch diesen Download werden die Hilfedateien (.HxS) für Office Excel 2007 auf dem Computer ersetzt. Der Download enthält die neuesten Revisionen und Ergänzungen für den Inhalt in diesen Hilfedateien.
  • Updates for Office Excel 2007 Help – November 2008
    This download replaces the Help (.HxS) files on your computer for Office Excel 2007. The download contains the latest revisions and additions to content in those Help files.

If you installed the 2007 Office System in a different directory, you can locate the files in the \1033 directory, a subdirectory of the \Program Files\Office12 folder.