Outlook 2013 RT für Windows RT 8.1 ist jetzt verfügbar

Microsoft meldet soeben über das offizielle Office Blog die Verfügbarkeit der finalen Version von Outlook 2013 RT für Geräte mit Windows RT 8.1 im Windows Store. Die finale Version von Outlook 2013 RT erfordert Windows RT 8.1, ist für Windows RT 8.1 Geräte optimiert und kann ab sofort aus dem Windows Store geladen werden. Eine Übersicht über alle Features der finalen Version von Outlook 2013 RT für Windows RT 8.1 findet ihr weiter unten oder im Office IT Pro Blog.

Outlook 2013 RT für Windows RT 8.1

Download -> Outlook 2013 RT für Windows RT 8.1 herunterladen

Um Outlook 2013 RT nutzen zu können, ist es Notwendig ein Upgrade von Windows 8 RT auf Windows 8.1 RT durchzuführen. Erst danach lässt sich Outlook 2013 RT verwenden.

Outlook 2013 RT für Windows RT 8.1 -> Beschreibung

Auf Tablets unter Windows RT ist Office Home & Student 2013 RT installiert, und diese enthält Office 2013 RT-Versionen von Word, Excel, PowerPoint und OneNote. Auf Tablets unter Windows 8.1 RT ist ebenfalls die Office 2013 RT-Version von Outlook zusätzlich zur den Office 2013 RT-Anwendungen installiert.

Outlook 2013 RT für Windows RT 8.1 -> Release Notes

Outlook 2013 RT, in your enterprise

  • Windows RT 8.1 ships with Office 2013 RT. If your organization also purchased commercial use rights or has a commercial license to Office 2013 suites that include Outlook, your users can use Outlook 2013 RT to get to business on their RT devices too.
  • Because tablets have special needs for security and mobility, a few features are not available in Outlook 2013 RT. Here’s a breakdown:

Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 mailbox accounts

  • Outlook 2013 RT can connect to your organization’s Exchange Server 2007, 2010, or 2013 as long as the Autodiscover service is configured. However, Outlook 2013 RT doesn’t support these Microsoft Exchange features:
    • Online Archive or Personal Archive mailboxes
    • Applying Messaging Records Management (MRM) retention policies
    • Site Mailboxes
    • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policy tips

VBA and COM Add-ins

  • Outlook 2013 RT doesn’t run macros, add-ins, or other custom programs or solutions developed within your organization or by third parties. This applies to all applications that are included with Microsoft Office 2013 RT (which is installed automatically with Windows RT 8.1).

Information Rights Management (IRM)

  • Outlook 2013 RT doesn’t allow you to set IRM on new email messages.

Microsoft Lync integration

  • There is no integration between Outlook 2013 RT and Lync. Microsoft Office 2013 RT applications do not integrate with Lync.

SharePoint integration

  • The Outlook Contact Card doesn’t display an active link to users’ SharePoint My Site pages. However, Outlook 2013 RT can connect to and synchronize with SharePoint lists.

Junk email filtering

  • You can open Junk email options and set safe and blocked senders when connected to a Microsoft Exchange Server or Office 365 mailbox account. However, Outlook 2013 RT disables the Junk settings when connected to POP3, IMAP, or Outlook.com email accounts. Outlook.com and other ISP users are still protected from junk email though since those services provide junk email filtering on the back end.

Fax providers

  • You cannot add a fax account to Outlook 2013 RT.

Group Policy

  • Outlook 2013 RT cannot be configured using Group Policy. This applies to all applications that are included with Microsoft Office 2013 RT. There’s a great article here that explains in more detail exactly what application features and functionality are available in Office 2013 RT, and how reset and upgrade work.

via Office IT Pro Blog