Office 2010 Product Guide is now available

The Office 2010 Product Guide is now available for download. Download the Product Guide in the file format of your choice. Office 2010 was built to maximize performance across the hardware you already own, while also positioning you for future hardware innovations such as 64-bit chips, advanced graphics cards, multi-core processors and alternative form factor devices.


Download -> Office 2010 Product Guide bei Microsoft herunterladen

Visit the following Website to download the Office 2010 Product Guide:

Office 2010 Product and Application Guides available for download
The Office 2010 product guides provide an overview of what’s new in Office 2010.
Download -> Microsoft Office 2010 Product Guide.pdf
Download -> Microsoft Office 2010 Product Guide.xps

Download -> Office 2019 für Windows und macOS herunterladen

Zu Office 2019 gehören Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Project, Visio, Access und Publisher 2019. Project 2019, Visio 2019, Access 2019 und Publisher 2019 sind nur für Windows verfügbar. Mit der Einführung von Office 2019 wird OneNote 2016 von der OneNote App für Windows 10 ersetzt. OneNote für Windows 10 ist bekanntlich im Lieferumfang von Windows 10 enthalten. Office 2019 kann unter Windows 10 und macOS Sierra und höher ausgeführt werden.

The Office 2010 Product Guide is available as an XPS or PDF File.