Office 2003 Add-In – Desktop Language Settings

Office 2003 Add-In – Desktop Language Settings

This Office 2003 Add-in allows you to identify and change language, keyboard, and regional settings for Windows,  Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Office 2003 programs with a single tool. You can compare the settings of these programs and make changes as appropriate.

Office 2003

The following file is available for download from the Microsoft Download Center:

Office 2003 Add-in – Desktop Language Settings offers the following options:

  • Change the current or enabled language for all Microsoft Office 2003programs
  • Change the language preferences for menus and dialogs in the Microsoft Windows User Interface
  • Select location or regional formats for numbers, currency or date and time settings
  • Change the default keyboard language
  • Change language preferences for Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Display the on-screen keyboard

Office 2003 Add-in – Desktop Language Settings will benefit:

  • Users that regularly work in a multilingual environment
  • Users that share the same PC but use different language settings
  • Users that work in one language but communicate with friends and colleagues in another
  • Users that work with Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Internet Explorer, or Microsoft Office 2003 programs in a variety of different languages or regional settings
  • IT administrators or technicians that facilitate multilingual users to resolve language, regional, or keyboard issues

This program incorporates the functionality of tools such as:

  • Microsoft Office 2003 Language Settings, The Language bar, Text Services and Input Languages and Regional Language Options.