NAVIGON App für Android Version 5.5.1 ist jetzt verfügbar

NAVIGON App für Android Version 5.5.1 ist jetzt verfügbar

Garmin hat ein neues Update für die offizielle NAVIGON App für Android veröffentlicht und im Google Play zum Download freigegeben. Das heutige Update umfasst dringendes Bug Fix für einen Fehler der die NAVIGON App gelegentlich zum Absturz brachte, wenn ein neues Ziel eingegeben wurde. Das Update mit der Versions-Nummer 5.5.1 erfordert ein Gerät mit Android 2.3.3 oder höher und kann ab sofort im Google Play geladen werden.


Bei der NAVIGON App für Android handelt es sich um eine On-Board Navigations-Lösung. Das bedeutet, dass sämtliches Kartenmaterial, Sprachen und Systemdateien auf dem Telefon gespeichert werden.

Download -> NAVIGON App für Android im Google Play herunterladen

Die Version 5.5.1 von NAVIGON für Android kann ab sofort im Google Play geladen werden.

Die Version 5.5 enthielt die folgenden Neuerungen und Verbesserungen:

Street Parking ->

  • This free feature provides Live information1about the current street side parking situation. The service will start in 6 major cities of Germany : Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Stuttgart and Bonn. A quick roll-out to more urban areas is planned.
  • How to use Street Parking : In address search a “P” icon is shown in the destination overview map to call Street Parking information. During navigation or in Show-Map mode the service can be called via the overflow menu (3-dot icon in the upper information bar). When being in a served area, the single road side elements will get colouredin green, yellow or red to indicate the likely availability of parking spots in these city centers.
  • A long-press on the desired road segment will open an additional window in the lower half of the screen, with detailed information, such as road name, distance from own position, time of parking allowance, restrictions and the hourly price. In seldom cases detail information may be incomplete.
  • When parking is chosen as a destination and the approach is less than 15min away, the application will start to check the status of the selected parking segment. In case the situation changes for the worse the user will be informed and an option to seek for another parking area is offered.
  • The service has been developed using floating car and historical data in partnership with parking information supplier Parkopedia.

Connect IQ support ->

  • This free function allows users of Garmin smartwatch3to receive visual and vibration alarms when approaching a speed camera, exceeding the speedlimit4or when a new traffic event is received.
  • Furthermore turning advices are shown on the watch while navigating. For each of above mentioned functions it is possible to set whether one wants to be noticed through the watch’ vibration alarm or not. This can be selected from Settings > Connect IQ devices > Vibration.
  • It is possible to connect up to 5 devices with NAVIGON. To connect, please go to Settings > Connect IQ devices > Activate devices.

Improvements and Bug fixes ->

  • For QHD devices (resolution 2.560×1.440px) the route is now drawn about 20% bolder to allow an easier recognition.
  • The widget has been updated for the new design style introduced in version 5.4.5. Furthermore the height has been adopted for QHD devices
  • The arrival time of an Urban Guidance route including a train from Deutsche Bahn-which calculation was so far based on the current system time -takes now the actual train departure times into account
  • Memory of the map perspective by navigation type: Different settings are now remembered when switching from one to another navigation type and back.

Android 6.0 ->

  • NAVIGON has been tested on Google Nexus devices running Android 6.0. No issues have shown up until now. Due to the fact that so far there were no further roll-outs of Android 6.0 on other devices, we currently cannot give any further statements about stability.
  • Please note that you must not disable any of the important permissions for the application in the new application permission setting. Any disabling may cause malfunction, crash or freeze of the application!

NAVIGON App für Android -> Beschreibung via Google Play

Verwandeln Sie Ihr Android-Handy in ein mobiles Navigationsgerät vielen nützlichen Funktionen, die Sie begeistern werden! NAVIGON weist Ihnen mit Funktionen wie Reality View Pro und Fahrspurassistent Pro optimal den richtigen Weg. Und Funktionen wie automatische Tag-/Nacht-Umstellung, Direktzugriff und Navigation zum Telefonbuch und Intelligente Adresseingabe machen Ihre Navigation noch komfortabler.

Die NAVIGON App für Android ist für Geräte mit Android 2.3.3 oder höher verfügbar.