Multiple-Year Calendar Template for the 2011 Calendar Contest

Multiple-Year Calendar Template for the 2011 Calendar Contest

Microsoft is currently organizing a 2011 Calendar Contest on their Office Templates Website. Everyone was invited to create an exceptional calendar template in Excel, Word, PowerPoint or Publisher and then upload it to the Templates Website. The winners will be selected based on user downloads or votes and announced between October 6th – 13th. They will then be promoted for one week on the Office Templates home page.

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Calendar including holidays and notes management

The Multiple-Year Calendar Template for Excel 2007 or later, just published by Mourad Louha, displays a navigation bar on the top of each sheet and allow you to easily navigate through the calendar. The template includes a week, a month, a quarter and a year view.

Excel 2010 Calendar for 2011

You can enter up to 128 personal in a “Notes” sheet and associate them to a specified date. The sheet “Holidays” includes in this version the official United States holidays, either as a fixed date (for example the New Years’ Day) or as calculated dates (for example the Memorial Day, which is defined as the last Monday in May). Of course, you can add more specific holidays for your country or state. The holidays and notes are automatically displayed in the calendar views.

One sheet includes various settings for the calendar, for example options for selecting the current year, some display options or an option for choosing the calculation method for the week number. Finally, the sheet “Welcome” contains some information how to use the calendar. All sheets are password protected; however you can easily remove it as the used password is an empty string.

If you like the template, please vote for it on the Office Templates Website. Please note that the community filter may be set to “Unfiltered” in order to display all available templates. The template presented here is named “Calendar including holidays and notes management”. A localized version of the calendar template for European countries will also be published by the author as soon as possible.

The author of the calendar template, Mourad Louha, primarily develops full featured applications in Microsoft Excel VBA. His solutions are used both in small and medium-sized companies and large corporations on a national and international level. In his spare time, he shares his knowledge in well-known German Forums and on his blog; also in English.

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