Microsoft veröffentlicht KB4338831 für Windows 8.1 als Vorschau auf monatlichen Rollup

Microsoft hat das Update KB4338831 für Windows 8.1, Windows RT 8.1 und Windows Server 2012 R2 als Vorschau auf monatlichen Rollup veröffentlicht. Dieses nicht sicherheitsrelevante Update enthält Verbesserungen und Korrekturen, die Bestandteil von KB4338815 vom 10. Juli 2018 waren sowie Qualitätsverbesserungen als Vorschau auf das nächste monatliche Update Rollup. Microsoft sind derzeit keine Probleme mit diesem Update bekannt. Das Update KB4338831 für Windows 8.1 setzt das KB2919355 zwingend voraus und wird als optionales Update über Windows Update bereitgestellt. Das eigenständige Paket für dieses Update findet sich auf der Microsoft Update-Katalog-Website. Das Update für Windows RT 8.1 ist nur über Windows Update verfügbar. Weitere Infos dazu finden sich weiter unten oder bei Microsoft.

Windows 8.1

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Das Update Rollup KB4338831 steht ab sofort bei Microsoft zum Download bereit:

Das Update enthält die folgenden Verbesserungen und Fehlerbehebungen:

This non-security update includes improvements and fixes that were a part KB4338815 (released July 10, 2018) and also includes these new quality improvements as a preview of the next Monthly Rollup update:

  • Addresses additional issues with updated time zone information. 
  • Addresses an issue that causes memory leaks until it becomes necessary to restart the system; for example, when using AppLocker to manage application usage. 
  • Addresses an issue in which copying EFS-encrypted files from a client machine to a server share copies the files as encrypted instead of warning the user. 
  • Addresses an issue that prevents printing on a 64-bit OS when 32-bit applications impersonate other users (typically by calling LogonUser). This issue occurs after installing monthly updates starting with KB4034681, released in August 2017. To resolve the issue for the affected applications, install this update, and then do one of the following:
    • Use Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit to globally enable the Splwow64Compat App Compat Shim.
    • Use the following registry setting, and then restart the 32-bit application: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print Setting: Splwow64Compat
    • Type: DWORD
    • Value1: 1    
  • Addresses an issue that intermittently causes hypervisor to stop working with error code “0x20001”. 
  • Addresses an issue in which LDAP Modify requests for group membership change. The LDAP_SERVER_PERMISSIVE_MODIFY_OID operator is used, and the membership modification operation is already true (member is already removed or already present). As a result, the SUCCESS status is returned and audit events 4728 and 4729 appear, which indicates that the operation was completed. 
  • Addresses an issue in which the LastAccessTime file property does not get updated as expected for files in dedup volume if the file’s $Data extent is completely sparse. After installing this update, configure the following items in the registry:
    • Set the value to 0 for HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\FileSystem\NtfsDisableLastAccessUpdate.
    • Create the REG_DWORD item and set the value to 0 for HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\ddpsvc\Settings\DisableLastAccessUpdate. 
  • Addresses an issue that may cause some devices running network monitoring workloads to receive the 0xD1 Stop error because of a race condition after installing the July update.
  • Addresses an issue that may cause the restart of the SQL Server service to fail occasionally with the error, “Tcp port is already in use”.
  • Addresses an issue that occurs when an administrator tries to stop the World Wide Web Publishing Service (W3SVC). The W3SVC remains in a „stopping“ state, but cannot fully stop or it cannot be restarted.

Microsoft is not currently aware of any issues with this update.

Das Update Rollup KB4338831 wird als optionales Update über Windows Update bereitgestellt.

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