Microsoft Interactive Classroom Add-In verfügbar

Microsoft hat für PowerPoint und OneNote ein neues Add-in namens Microsoft Interactive Classroom veröffentlicht. Das Add-In ermöglicht Interaktion und Zusammenarbeit zwischen Pädagogen und Studenten indem es die Erstellung von Klassenzimmer-Umfragen unter Verwendung von PowerPoint 2010 oder 2007 sowie die gemeinsame Nutzung von Inhalten mit Studenten mithilfe von OneNote 2010 oder 2007 ermöglicht.

Classroom Add-In

Download -> Microsoft Interactive Classroom Add-In herunterladen

Rufe die folgende Website auf, um das Add-In für PowerPoint und OneNote herunterzuladen:

Microsoft Interactive Classroom helps interaction and collaboration between educators and students by enabling the creation of classroom polls using PowerPoint, and sharing content with students using OneNote. Educators can insert a multiple choice, yes/no, or true/false polling questions to lessons using PowerPoint. Students who have laptops running Microsoft Windows and OneNote receive the polling questions and teacher annotations in real-time within their OneNote Notebook. In addition, students can add their own notes to the slides using the features provided in OneNote. They can also respond in real-time to the questions during the lesson. Students without laptops can participate in polls using hardware clickers. This gives educators real time feedback on how well their students are grasping their lessons.

About Interactive Classroom add-in for OneNote

  • Microsoft Interactive Classroom add-in for Microsoft Office OneNote makes it easy to view and take notes on presentation slides that are shared in an Interactive Classroom session. After your teacher starts a session, you can join it and download the slides to your OneNote notebook.
  • As you view the shared slides, any notes your teacher makes on them are also added to your notebook pages. You can add your own notes by using the writing and drawing tools in OneNote. When the session is over, you keep the slides and notes to study later.

About Interactive Classroom add-in for PowerPoint

  • Microsoft Interactive Classroom enhances classroom presentations by increasing student participation, helping teachers assess student comprehension, and enabling students to personalize the information presented.
  • Interactive polling – In Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentations, teachers can quickly add poll slides with questions in multiple choice, yes or no, and true or false formats. When they share their presentations in an Interactive Classroom session, students can respond from an interactive dialog box in Microsoft Office OneNote if they have a network connection. Poll results are displayed on the screen instantaneously.
  • Real time notes on presentations – Teachers can also add text and draw on their presentation slides during a session. At the same time, students can use OneNote to follow the presentation, capture their teacher’s annotations, and to make their own notes in the presentation.