FRITZ!Box 7340 int. Firmware Version 99.06.01 ist da

FRITZ!Box 7340 int. Firmware Version 99.06.01 ist da

Der FRITZ!Box-Hersteller AVM hat auch für die Internationale Edition des VDSL/DSL Modems und WLAN- und LAN-Routers FRITZ!Box 7340 die Version 6.01 von FRITZ!OS freigegeben. Das Firmware-Update mit der Versions-Nummer 99.06.01 bringt diverse Neuerungen und Verbesserungen und steht ab sofort über die Downloadfunktion der FRITZ!Box-Oberfläche zum kostenfreien Download bereit. Eine Übersicht über die Neuerungen und Verbesserungen in dieser Version findet ihr weiter unten im Abschnitt Release Notes.


Download -> FRITZ!OS 6.01 für FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7340

Die Firmware steht auf der folgenden AVM-Webseite zum Download bereit:

Version 99.06.01 -> Release Notes

FRITZ!OS 6.01 (99.06.01) enthält die folgenden Neuerungen und Verbesserungen:

Version 99.06.01 – Neue Leistungsmerkmale

  • Wireless LAN Guest Access new as "private hotspot".
  • Ready for vectoring.
  • Parental control with shared budget for multiple devices.
  • Improved and expanded push services with automatic email notifications.
  • New MyFRITZ! access to answering machine, Smart Home and FRITZ!NAS for mobile devices.
  • Smart Home functionality now even more convenient and with more information.
  • FRITZ!Fon with media player and much more.
  • Easier VPN setup, optimized for iOS tablets and smartphones.

Version 99.06.01 -> Neue Funktionen und Verbesserungen

  • NEW: Ready for VDSL Vectoring (standard g.vector, full support).
  • NEW: Improved parental control, expanded for guest access.
  • NEW: Parent control with shared budget for multiple devices .
  • NEW: Simplified setup of VPN users, Ethernet-Ethernet connections and VPN access to office networks.
  • NEW: Easy VPN setup for Smartphone VPN users.
  • NEW: Support for Locator Identifier Separation Protocol (LISP).
  • NEW: Renovated MyFRITZ! access to voice messages, Smart Home and FRITZ!NAS for mobile devices .
  • NEW: MyFRITZ! image viewer and audio player for files on fritz.nas.
  • NEW: Wireless LAN guest access as "private hotspot".
  • NEW: Wireless LAN guest access restricted to surfing and mail in default settings.
  • NEW: Wireless LAN guest access with automatically dispatch of usage log.
  • NEW: printable information sheet with wireless LAN registration information and QR code makes it easier for guests to connect.
  • NEW: supports the extension of the wireless LAN guest access via wireless repeater.
  • NEW: integration of intercom systems.
  • NEW: customized hold music (for your numbers / line settings).
  • NEW: support for SIP trunking.
  • NEW: redialing with alternative telephone number.
  • NEW: support for .wav files on FRITZ!Fon media player.
  • NEW: sleep timer for FRITZ!Fon media player.
  • NEW: customized music for alarm.
  • NEW: music playlist for alarm.
  • NEW: set ring tone directly from the media player.
  • NEW: support for album covers on handsets with color display.
  • NEW: FRITZ!NAS user interface (fritz.nas) renovated and picture viewer integrated.
  • NEW: FRITZ!NAS sharing of files and folders via e-mail.
  • NEW: support for web radio, podcasts and Google Play music.
  • NEW: enables standby detection and automatic power off.
  • NEW: more customization options for time-triggered events.
  • NEW: combine multiple devices in a group and trigger them together.
  • NEW: set access rights to Smart Home for each user.
  • NEW: save consumption data as .csv file.
  • NEW: improved and expanded push service.
  • NEW: keylock for DECT and WLAN keys on the FRITZ!Box.
  • NEW: display of information for wireless LAN guest access and connected devices.
  • NEW: Search and scroll in the phone-book.
  • NEW: answering machine now has it’s own menu entry.
  • NEW: Upload your own welcome message.
  • NEW: timer for the answering machine.
  • NEW: set the wakeup-message for the alarm.
  • NEW: IP-telephones can be used over the internet (connect your smartphone to the FRITZ!Box and use it on the road).
  • NEW: simplified setup of internet account data.
  • NEW: Child protection now uses same design as home network.
  • NEW: Child protection now disconnects active sessions when the surf time is used up .
  • NEW: improved presentation of IPv6 functions.
  • NEW: improved performance with activated child protection prevents broadcasting IPv4 multicast with local scope to the internet .
  • NEW: fixed problem with dynamic DNS-provider DNS4BIZ.
  • NEW: interop improvements.
  • NEW: DSL-spectrum graphic now displays max- and min-values.
  • NEW: DSL-line test can diagnose the physical DSL-connection.
  • NEW: new repeater function to improve the range of a WLAN network..
  • NEW: allows automatic transfer of night-settings to your FRITZ!WLAN Repeater.
  • NEW: Mediaplayer for FRITZ!Fon and external players (uPNP-AV).
  • NEW: Support for Smart Home (FRITZ!DECT 200).
  • NEW: record personal memos in the answering machine.
  • NEW: start-screen of the FRITZ!Fon MT-F can now be navigated *.
  • NEW: setup of alarmsignal/Internetradio on the handset*.
  • NEW: setup of favorites.
  • NEW: fixed a problem, where key lock could not be deactivated on incoming call.
  • NEW: New Smart Home area in the Home Network menu.
  • NEW: control of Smart Home devices via browser.
  • NEW: Integration of the intelligent power plug FRITZ!DECT 200 in FRITZ!OS**.
  • NEW: FRITZ!DECT 200 manual and automatic switching, from the Home Network or over the internet.
  • NEW: FRITZ!DECT 200 measures the energy consumption of connected devices.
  • NEW: FRITZ!DECT 200 all information and consumption details in a push-mail.
  • NEW: display if a network device is connected via Repeater/Powerline.
  • NEW: integrated network time server will provide time and date to all network devices.
  • NEW: improved display of device-details.
  • NEW: MyFRITZ!-use can now login with the same account to MyFRITZ! and the FRITZ!Box.
  • NEW: Improved MyFRITZ!-Start page for mobile devices, integrated Smart Home support.
  • NEW: support for MyFRITZ! App (Android)..
  • NEW: MyFRITZ!-access for simple worldwide access to Home Network devices via subdomain-name.
  • NEW: When creating a new account from the FRITZ!Box web interface, the name of the FRITZ!Box will automatically be used on MyFRITZ!.
  • NEW: separate shares and read-/write access for every FRITZ!Box user.
  • NEW: USB-memory can now be disconnected separately.
  • NEW: improved USB device handling.
  • NEW: playback music for the Media server with FRITZ!Fon*.
  • NEW: added support for FLAC & M4A.
  • NEW: new start page, quicker access to voice messages and comfort functions.
  • NEW: FRITZ!Box-user with different access rights for setup, telephone and storage.
  • NEW: display new voice-messages on the bottom right of the start page.
  • NEW: added new mailservers for push service setup .
  • NEW: start page now also displays status of LAN-guestaccess and Smart Home.
  • NEW: LAN-settings moved to Home Network.
  • NEW: Option to allow use of internet telephony over mobile internet connections.
  • NEW: intelligent USB-3G dongle detection.

Hinweis: Verwende für die Nutzung der neuen Funktionen einen Webbrowser mit HTML5-Unterstützung, zum Beispiel die aktuellen Versionen von Google Chrome oder Firefox.