FP Cleaner for Expression Web 3 available for download

FP Cleaner for Expression Web 3 is a simple clean up utility for Microsofts Expression Web. FP Cleaner finds and deletes the files that may be causing errors in Expression Web 3 when opening or closing your website or web pages. FP Cleaner does not require installation and will run from the desktop. The program will run on any of the current Windows system.


Download -> FP Cleaner for Expression Web 3

Visit the following Website to download the Expression Web 3 clean up utility:

Restore Default Toolbars and Menus

  • This feature is not available due to the lack of the ability to customize the Expression Web 3 Toolbar

Change the „Open Last Web“ Setting

  • If your program is set to open the last web edited and that web has a problem, it can keep the program from opening or cause it to open and freeze.  Use this feature to change that setting to ensure the program is not trying to open a web when it starts.

Clear the Hidden „Temporary“ Files

  • Checks for the location of the hidden Temporary directory for the logged on User. It then checks for the existence of the directory and if found it clears the directory,  sending any files to the Recycle bin. Files left behind in these directories by an improper computer or program shut down will cause problems
    when trying to open / save / edit pages on your web site.  Deleting them „usually“ solves the problem.

Clear the Hidden Web Cache files (*.web)

  • It checks for the proper location of the folder that contains the web cache files. There is a .web file for each of your webs, and for each web location.  If these files become corrupt it causes problems opening / closing or publishing your web site. Deleting them forces creation of new clean files when each web is opened or published.

Clear the Find/Replace MRU List

  • Clears the Most Recently Used ( MRU ) list of Find/Replace entries that are saved the system Registry every time you use Find/Replace to replace words or HTML items using Expression Web.


  • Opens the Windows file properties dialog for EWFPCleaner.exe


  • When it displays Info, clicking it displays the basic information text.


  • Will Launch Expression Web 3


  • FP Cleaner for Expression Web 3 closes without starting a program.

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FP Cleaner does not require installation and will run from the desktop.