Excel 2013 Excess Formatting Cleaner Add-In is now available

The Excel Excess Formatting Cleaner Add-in program removes all formatting that has been applied beyond the cell range that contains data, or beyond the cell range that is covered by shapes, in each worksheet in the workbook. This reduces the file size of a converted Lotus 1-2-3 file or of a file that has formatting applied beyond the data range. Visit the following Microsoft Website to download the Microsoft Excel Excess Formatting Cleaner Add-In.


Download -> Excel 2013 Excess Formatting Cleaner Add-In herunterladen

Visit the following Website to download the Excel Excess Formatting Cleaner Add-In

You can also use this add-in program to resolve various printing and viewing problems that are caused by extra formatting that is applied outside the last cell (as defined by the UsedRange property to determine which cells in the worksheet contain data). This add-in automates one of the most frequent steps that Microsoft Product Support Services (PSS) support professionals perform when they are troubleshooting these issues.

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