Apple veröffentlicht macOS Big Sur 11.3 mit neuen Features

Apple hat im Laufe des heutigen Abends neben iOS 14.5 für iPhone, iPadOS 14.5 für iPad und watchOS 7.4 für die Apple Watch auch das große Update auf macOS Big Sur 11.3 veröffentlicht. Das Update fügt Unterstützung für AirTag hinzu, enthält Verbesserungen der iPhone- und iPad-App für Macs mit M1, führt separate Hautton-Varianten für Emoji mit Paaren ein und fügt vielfältigere Sprachoptionen für Siri hinzu. Dazu kommt die Unterstützung separater Hautfarben für die Einzelpersonen in allen Variationen des Emojis Küssendes Pärchen und Pärchen mit Herz. Das Update umfasst weitere Neuigkeiten, Verbesserungen und Änderungen, diese lassen sich weiter unten einsehen. Es wurden auch Sicherheitslücken geschlossen. Details über die geschlossenen Sicherheitslücken finden sich später hier. Du kannst das Update auf macOS Big Sur 11.3 ab sofort im Mac App Store kostenfrei herunterladen. Weitere Informationen zu den Features von macOS Big Sur 11.3 finden sich weiter unten oder bei Apple.

macOS Big Sur

Download -> macOS Big Sur 11.3 im Mac App Store herunterladen

Das Update auf macOS Big Sur 11.3 kann ab sofort im Mac App Store geladen werden:

macOS Big Sur 11.3 Update -> Beschreibung via Apple Webseite

macOS Big Sur 11.3 adds support for AirTag, includes iPhone and iPad app improvements for Macs with M1, introduces separate skin tone variations for emoji with couples, and adds more diverse voice options for Siri.

AirTag and Find My

  • Support for AirTag to keep track of and find your important items like your keys, wallet, backpack, and more, privately and securely in the Find My app
  • The Find My network with hundreds of millions of devices can help you find your AirTag, even when it isn’t nearby
  • Lost Mode notifies you when your AirTag is found, and you can enter a phone number where you can be contacted

iPhone and iPad apps on Macs with M1

  • Option to change an iPhone and iPad app’s window size
  • Support for displaying the highest resolution version of an iPhone or iPad app in full screen
  • Keyboard support for iPhone and iPad games designed to use device tilt
  • Keyboard, mouse, and trackpad support for iPhone and iPad games that support game controllers


  • Support for separate skin tones for each individual in all variations of the couple kissing emoji and couple with heart emoji
  • New face emojis, heart emojis, woman with a beard emoji


  • Siri now includes more diverse voice options

Apple Music

  • Autoplay keeps music playing by automatically playing a similar song, once you’ve reached the end of a song or playlist
  • City charts showcase what’s popular in over 100 cities from all over the world


  • Podcasts Show Pages are redesigned to make it easier to start listening
  • Option to save and download episodes, automatically adding them to your Library for quick access
  • Download behavior and notification settings can be customized on a show-by-show basis
  • Top Charts and popular categories in Search help you discover new shows


  • Redesigned News+ feed enables Apple News+ subscribers to quickly find, download, and manage magazine and newspaper issues
  • All-new Search experience that helps you find relevant topics, channels, and stories


  • Start Page section order can now be customized
  • Additional WebExtensions API lets developers offer extensions that replace the new tab page
  • Web Speech API lets developers incorporate speech recognition into their webpages for real-time captioning, dictation, and voice navigation
  • WebM and Vorbis video and audio format support


  • Ability to sort Today Smart list
  • Support for syncing the order of reminders in lists across your devices
  • Option to print your reminder lists


  • Xbox Series X|S Wireless Controller or Sony PS5 DualSense Wireless Controller support

Mac computers with the M1 chip

  • Hibernation support

About This Mac

  • About this Mac displays Apple warranty status and AppleCare+ coverage in the Service tab when signed in with Apple ID
  • Support for purchasing and enrolling in AppleCare+ for eligible Mac computers from About This Mac

This release also fixes the following issues:

  • Reminders created via Siri may be unintentionally set for early morning hours
  • iCloud Keychain might not turn off
  • AirPods audio routing to incorrect device for Automatic Switching
  • AirPods Automatic Switching notifications might be missing or duplicated
  • External 4K monitors may not display in full resolution when connected over USB-C
  • Login window may not display properly after restarting Mac mini (M1, 2020)
  • The Dwell feature may not work in the Accessibility Keyboard

Informationen zu den Sicherheitsaspekten dieses Updates sind hier erhältlich.

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