Adobe Reader 11.0.9 steht zum Download bereit

Adobe Reader 11.0.9 steht zum Download bereit

Dass Adobe Systems heute ein planmäßiges Sicherheitsupdates für Adobe Reader und Adobe Acrobat X und XI für Windows und OS X veröffentlicht und zum sofortigen Download freigegeben hat, hatte ich bereits geschrieben. Nun stellt der US-amerikanische Softwarehersteller zusätzlich zu den gängigen Update Versionen von Adobe Reader und Acrobat 11.0.8 und früher auch die vollständig gepatchte Version von Adobe Reader 11.0.9 zum Download bereit. Eine Übersicht über die Neuerungen und Verbesserungen in dieser Version findet ihr weiter unten, im Security Bulletin APSB14-20 oder in den Release Notes.

Adobe Reader

Download -> Adobe Reader 11.0.9 für Windows herunterladen

Die vollständig gepatchte Version 11.0.9 von Adobe Reader XI für Windows steht ab sofort im Download Center von Adobe zum Download bereit:

Download -> Adobe Reader 11.0.9 für OS X herunterladen

Die vollständig gepatchte Version 11.0.9 von Adobe Reader XI für OS X steht ab sofort im Download Center von Adobe zum Download bereit:

Adobe Security Update APSB14-20 -> Weitere Infos

Adobe Reader 11.0.9 -> Release Notes

Die Version 11.0.9 enthält die folgenden Neuerungen und Verbesserungen:

Security bulletin

This release provides mitigations for vulnerabilities described in the security bulletin at

What’s New

Fill and Sign
  • The Sign Pane was renamed to Fill & Sign and the three related panels were unified in this single view. Form fill-in and signing workflows are made more usable since the forms tools now appear along with the signing tools.
  • In Reader, the Fill & Sign Pane automatically opens when form fields are present.
  • The tool logic is enhanced so that form fill-in is always possible even if another tool is selected. Starting a typing action simply deselects other tools.
  • Enterprise configuration via registry and plist preferences:
    • HKCU’s AVAlert\bDonotShowFSSWarningDlg set to 1 disables the Fill & Sign Alert dialog which appears when a user tries to use the service with a dynamic XFA form. Dynamic forms are currently unsupported.
    • HKLM’s cServices\bEnableSignPane set to 0 removes the Fill & Sign Pane from the user interface.
    • HKCU’s Workflows\bEnableAcrobatHS service’s master switch disables all features of the Fill & Sign Pane except for the Work with Certificates accordion. When forms are opened, the Fill & Sign Pane does not auto open.
  • See also Bug fixes.
Services integration
  • integration with Reader and Acrobat is now extended to all supported languages.
  • files are now cached locally. A new lockable preference bEnableBHCache allows admins to disable the feature.
  • Adobe Send received several workflow improvements.
  • See also Recent Files.
  • See also Bug fixes for Webmail integration, Services integration, and others.
Recent files
  • The startup screen displays a short list of recent files list and provides a View All link which opens the full list.
  • Choosing Open on the top menu opens a full recent file’s list that can access any file on the machine or on The list provide the following features:
    • Thumbnail view
    • File search
    • File details such as size and last modified date
  • Hove over the Menu icon to change how you view and sort your recent files list.
  • The recent files list now contains up to 100 files. The default of 100 can be configured via the iMaxMRUCntToBeStored. A link to the full list also appears on the product’s startup Welcome screen.
Hi DPI and Retina support
  • The Tools, Fill & Sign, and Comment panes are compatible with Hi DPI systems.
  • See also Bug fixes.
PDF Creation

Added Support PDF creation for AutoCAD 2013 64-bit PDFMaker & Import Comments.


The Hindi Devanagari font is added to the 11.x font bundle. This change results in 11.0.09 showing a dialog when the opening a PDF containing extended language fonts which asks if latest font pack for Windows or Mac should be installed.

Bug fixes

  • Launch times and feature performance have been improved across the product
  • 3777286: Scrolling page doesn’t work in “Fit one full page to window” view
  • 3579064: PDF scrolling problem in Mac
Services integration
  • See also Webmail integration.
  • 3758320: Disabling services via bEnableAcrobatHS does not remove Adobe Send (online) link from File > Send Email
  • 3371664: bEnableAcrobatHS master HS switch does not disable EchoSign integration in Acrobat/Reader
  • 3753555: Clicking on View All Sent Files link takes to tab on the site although Sent files tab is working and it is visible below the files tab
  • 3702370: Not able to upload a file through Reader having a name which already exists in
Webmail integration
  • 3732843: Outlook does not recognize some addresses from Global Addressbook in Shared Review Workflow
  • 3654167: Outlook 2013 not able to send mail (Office 365)
Share reviews
  • 3763566: Dynamic and custom stamps disappear in Shared Review workflows.
  • 3800454: Toolbar items do not have valid accessibility names and are not accessible to screen readers
  • 3680229/3707974: Improved stability while either Serotek System Access or NVDA is running
  • 3736180: Scrollbars are too thin to be accessible on touch devices
  • 3735349: Accessibility problem with radio button in dynamic PDF form
PDF creation
  • 3804902: [64 BIT only] The functionality of “Export to Autocad” from Acrobat should be removed or appropriate message should be displayed in case of failure
  • 3707690: Unable to compile AutoCAD Ribbons components when running as a Standard User
  • 3791247: Embedded CorelDraw CDR image objects in a MS-Word document are not rendered in the resulting PDF
  • 3766317: IFF-File cannot be displayed in PDF
  • 3784654: Create PDF from Web Page fails for almost every website
  • 3773518: Boundary of the table is not created properly when word doc containing table is converted to PDF
  • 3729011: PDF conversion of word file results in one of the images having black horizontal lines on it
  • 3723668: Labels at Y axis are not aligned properly from Word to PDF conversion
  • 3764415: Cannot produce plain PDF files if PDFA/1A Support is turned on in PDFMaker in word
  • 3784788: Converting word document with PDF/A-1a settings changes the background color of image/logo
  • 3791233: Picture of format EMF has incorrect colours in PDF
  • 3634768: Issue while printing PDF on legal size pages using Adobe Reader XI on Win 7 and MAC 10.8.4
  • 3757566: Valid PDF File Fails to Spool for PostScript Printing under MacOS
Hi-dpi and Retina support
  • 3770888: Size of UI is not consistent with system settings, which is problematic on certain tablet
Application Security
  • 3345677: Protected View yellow bar should be accessible to Screen Readers and on pressing F6 the focus should shift to the ‘Enable All Features’ button in the yellow bar
  • 3778541: Unable to open file after toggling Protected View without restarting Reader
Digital signatures
  • 3647309: MS Lync certificate appears in the sign dialog box
  • 3736411: Reader does not populate/create the appearances.acrodata file in the Security folder or the preference for using the appearance file on a system that has had Reader previously installed
  • 3786051: Change Default Sig Verification to Doc-Specific, Else Default
  • 3795323: Cannot add additional signature to a signed PDF in a Portfolio
  • 3739716: Digital Signature gets marked as invalid for the first time
  • 3774949: Not able to save exported Digital ID file in p7c or cer format
  • 3812403: Signature DMB/Certificate DMB for a file containing form fields does not look good – The sentence “This file includes fillable……fields” should start from the next line, and Acrobatcom has gone too far right side of the DMB
Content security
  • 3779673: Adobe users not able to open the rights protected document intermittently
  • 3793071: Win/Mac: Trust Setting Icons are Missing
  • 3746409: Permission validity period not displayed in Adobe Reader
  • 3573238: Massively slow response using certificate authentication of LiveCycle form with Reader
  • 3770786: 10.8:Plist entries are not created in current user account when multiple user account is present on machine
  • 3516107: Preview of files is not appearing in Reader Web UI
  • 3735688: 10.9 or later only: Energy Impact data can’t be reduced to 1.3 after we run “Open Recent File” function
  • 3809019: Browser: None of the options launching a URL is working in Right Hand Tools Pane and Fill&Sign Pane
  • 3787282: Cannot change colour using CMYK Sliders
  • 3804885: Scrolling Direction should be reverse when using multi-finger swipe via trackpad
Creative Cloud for Teams
  • 3770703: Registry entries does not create when Acrobat is deployed on user machine using SCCM deployment method via local system account
  • 3767491: Registry entries for second user are not getting created when we run mst in one user
  • 3770478: Registry entries for std user are not getting created when acrobat is installed by std user.Registries gets created when Std user login again after installation
  • 3717664: Error pops up while saving a PDF documents on a SharePoint 2010
  • 3801912: SharePoint 2013: Multiple authentication requests thrown to user when accessing files over SharePoint
  • 3759176: No entry point to access SharePoint/Office365 files through Open dialog invoked via My Computer tab in My Files view
  • 3769110: If file is opened from SharePoint or Office 365, then a corresponding entry is added in Recent Locations in My Computer tab
  • 3557397: Error pops up while opening a PDF from SharePoint location
Enterprise deployment
  • 3742728: App-V: 11.0.07 App-V MSI should upgrade 11.0.01 MSI if it is installed on the client system
  • 3793336: The SCUP Catalogs for 11.0.08 contains article ID of previous release APSB14-15 and title for MUI Reader is wrong
  • 3769420: After FeatureLockDown Setting is made in the “com.adobe.Acrobat.Pro.plist” file, the “Digital Editions” menu still exists in the Help menu
  • 3799430: When uploading a file from a slow network, a 0KB file is left at the inprogress folder of Reader
  • 3750557: When using search for the first time in a renderer and user is in thumbnail view then no thumbnails are shown for the search results, if any.
  • 3774256: Not able to save exported comments in xfdf format
  • 3799193: Page 0: When ‘Save As’ is done on a Page 0 document, the newly created document is not opened automatically
  • 3744611: Icons not visible in Shared Reviews initiation wizard
  • 3757837: Changing default PDF viewer to Reader via Edit->Preferences menu of Reader requires system restart
  • 3740533: Dynamic Subform with WSDL connection issues when executing the WSDL multiple times
  • 3720564: When using Output Preview Tool in Acrobat on CMYK color profile, the value appears different between “Separations- Preview” And “Object Inspector-Preview
  • 3690569: Text spacing operators (Tw, Tc) not properly honored for some text strings during PostScript printing
  • 3802487: At 100% scaling and high resolutions like 2560×1600 the width of RHP is not sufficient to show the strings correctly.  

Adobe Reader XI -> Beschreibung

Adobe Reader ist der Standard für den Austausch elektronischer Dokumente, die führende Software für die zuverlässige Anzeige und Interaktion mit PDF-Dokumenten und die einzige Viewer Software, mit der PDF-Dokumente auf einer Vielzahl von Plattformen und Geräten geöffnet und genutzt werden können.