Windows 10 Preview Build 9926 wird ab sofort verteilt

Windows 10 Preview Build 9926 wird ab sofort verteilt

Der US-amerikanische Softwarekonzern Microsoft hat soeben damit begonnen ein weiteres Update für die Technical Preview von Windows 10 an die Teilnehmer des Windows Insider Programms zu verteilen. Das Update für die Preview von Windows 10 umfasst diverse Neuerungen und Verbesserungen, die sich weiter unten einsehen lassen. Das Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9926 steht ab sofort über die integrierte Update Funktion von Windows 10 zum Download bereit. Du erhältst eine Benachrichtigung, sobald es für dein PC verfügbar ist. Außerdem stellt Microsoft Teilnehmern des Windows Insider Programms sofort auch die ISO Datei von Preview von Windows 10 zum Download bereit. Eine Übersicht über die Neuerungen und Verbesserungen in der aktuellen Preview Version findet ihr weiter unten oder im offiziellen Windows Blog.

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Download -> Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9926 als ISO Datei

Hier geht es zum Download der Windows 10 Build 9926 ISO Datei bei Microsoft:

Windows 10 Preview Build 9926 ISO Datei herunterladen - DE

Windows 10 Preview Build 9926 ISO Datei herunterladen - EN

Für wen ist die Windows 10 Technical Preview geeignet?

Es wird empfohlen, dass nur erfahrene PC-Benutzer diese Software herunterladen. Bevor du Windows 10 herunterladest, solltest du die Vor und Nachteile der Installation einer Software abwägen, die sich noch in der Entwicklung befindet. Wenn du Windows 10 installierst, kannst du die neuen Funktionen ausprobieren, möglicherweise treten aber auch mehr Fehler auf als in bereits veröffentlichten Windows-Versionen.

Windows 10 Technical Preview von einem ISO-Image installieren

Unter Windows 7 lässt sich eine ISO-Datei am einfachsten mit dem Windows-Brenner für Datenträgerabbilder in eine DVD konvertieren. Auf Windows Vista oder XP PCs ist ein Drittanbieter-Programm erforderlich, um eine ISO-Datei in ein installierbares Medium zu konvertieren. Diese Funktion ist häufig in DVD-Brennsoftware enthalten. Eine Möglichkeit ist das USB/DVD-Downloadtool.

Windows 10 Technical Preview Systemanforderungen

  • Prozessor: 1 Gigahertz (GHz) oder schneller.
  • RAM: 1 Gigabyte (GB) (32-Bit) oder 2 GB (64-Bit).
  • Festplattenspeicher: 16 GB (32-Bit) oder 20 GB (64-Bit).
  • Grafikkarte: Microsoft DirectX 9-Grafikkarte oder höher mit WDDM-Treiber.
  • Ein Microsoft-Konto und Internetzugriff.

Windows 10 Technical Preview 2 Build 9926 -> Release Notes

Die Build 9926 Windows 10 Technical Preview 2 enthält die folgenden Neuerungen und Verbesserungen:

  • Cortana on the desktop: We’re excited to include Cortana as an integrated part of the desktop in Windows 10. Cortana is one click away on the taskbar, helping you find the things you need while proactively bringing you information you care about. Cortana can help you search in Windows 10 for apps, settings, and files as well as searching the web. You can access Cortana with your voice by clicking the microphone icon, then speaking to set reminders or ask about weather, sports, finance and other content from Bing. If you’re really adventurous, go into Cortana Settings, enable hands free use to say “Hey Cortana,” and you won’t need to click on the microphone icon. Cortana can learn your preferences and provide smarter recommendations over time.  You can manage Cortana’s Notebook to add interests from Bing like news, sports, finance and weather so Cortana can proactively offer recommendations and information for you. Keep in mind, Cortana is new to the desktop – things might not work as expected. Also, for this build, Cortana is available for U.S. English only. Search will work in all languages. But don’t worry, we’ll be making improvements in future builds, adding new capabilities and more languages.
  • New Start menu: You’ll see some big changes to the Start menu in this build, including the ability to expand to a full-screen experience. This really shines on 2-in-1 PCs when switching into Tablet Mode (part of “Continuum” which we demoed in September and showed on Wednesday) You can also customize the color of your Start screen. A big change that you won’t see is that we actually rebuilt Start in XAML, which is one type of code developers can use to build apps for Windows 10. The work on Start isn’t done yet, and we’ll have more changes that will show up in future builds including more personalization (and transparency!), drag and drop, Jump Lists, and the ability to resize the Start menu.
  • New Settings app: We’re working hard to evolve the Settings experience in Windows and in this build, you will see a lot of this work come together. This is where you will go to manage your device and things like your display, network, and account settings. As I noted above, the new Settings app introduces a different way for configuring how you receive new builds from us too. Even better – the Settings experience will be consistent across all your Windows devices. We’ve made the homepage easier to scan and reminiscent of Control Panel, which many of you were familiar with. It’s icon-based and we re-organized the categories to be more familiar. You can also use search within the app to find the setting you want. Search will even find Control Panel pages that aren’t in the Settings app.
  • Connect to wireless audio and video: We’ve made it much easier for you to find and connect to wireless audio and video devices that support technologies like Bluetooth and Miracast. You can access the experience either by clicking on the “Connect” button in the new Action Center, or by using the Windows + P keyboard shortcut from anywhere.  In the Connect panel, Windows will discover nearby Miracast devices and Bluetooth speakers, allowing you to simply touch or click to connect. Pairing to devices happens right inline, so you never have to navigate away to settings. When connecting to wired and wireless screens, you can also control their projection style, choosing to either “Duplicate” or “Extend” their desktop.
  • New Photos and Maps apps: In Joe’s demo on Wednesday, he showed off many of the new and updated apps that are coming with Windows 10. And in this build, you can give the new Photos and Maps apps a try for yourself. The Photos apps will show your photos stored locally on your PC, as well as in OneDrive, and make them look great. You can also edit your photos too. Some features like the ability to create albums are not enabled just yet.
  • Windows Store Beta: In this build, you will see the first look at the Windows Store Beta. It’s important to note that the NEW Windows Store Beta is a *grey* tile in the Start menu or on the taskbar and the current Windows Store remains available in the build as a *green* tile. Sorry it’s confusing to have two, but we wanted to give you an early preview of the new Windows Store. It includes a new visual design which will be common across PCs, tablets, phones and the web. It works well within a window and can be updated independently from the OS (this matters because it allows for more frequent updates). Keep in mind this is a preview. You can expect both the app selection and markets where the Store Beta is available to be limited and you will find that only basic functionality is available in this release. You can browse and search, as well as download apps. You can pay for those apps and games with options such as international credit card, gift cards and PayPal. In-app purchase is not available for apps downloaded through the Store Beta, though apps you already own with in-app purchase can be used. The ability to purchase additional in-app content is currently disabled. Finally, you can purchase apps on a device running Windows 8.1 and use those apps in this build of Windows 10 but not vice versa. We’ll have a lot more information about the new Windows Store in Windows 10 to share later and more functionality will light up in future builds.
  • Xbox app: You can give the new Xbox app a try in this build. For details on the functionality the Xbox app has in this build – check out this blog post on Xbox Wire.

Sneak Peek: Experience Windows 10 for PCs

Join Windows VP Joe Belfiore on a tour through some of the most exciting features that’ll show up in Window 10 for PCs. Highlights include Cortana on the PC, an all-new web browser, and a new set of built-in universal apps. Learn how you can be part of creating the best Windows yet with the Tech Preview and the Windows Insider program. And don’t miss the companion video on Windows 10 for phones.

Windows 10 -> Weitere Infos

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