Expression Web White Paper - Transitioning to Expression Web from FrontPage 2003

Expression Web White Paper - Transitioning to Expression Web from FrontPage 2003

The Expression Web team has published a white paper specifically to help FrontPage users transition to Expression Web and the current environment of Web standards.

This Expression Web White Paper Outlines the differences between Office FrontPage 2003 and Microsoft Expression Web, Introduces the Expression Web workspace, Discusses Web standards, Provides information on how to work with your existing site, including FrontPage Web components, themes, and shared borders, in Expression Web and Introduces ASP.NET support and data integration available in Expression Web.

The Expression Web White Paper - Transitioning to Expression Web from Office FrontPage 2003 is available for download from the Microsoft Download Center:

Expression Web builds on FrontPage 2003 technologies to provide an unprecedented level of support for creating standards-based Web sites. However, one of the objectives of Expression Web is to help you create high-quality Web sites based on today’s standards and technologies. This means that non-standards-compliant features and functionality that were familiar tools in FrontPage do not exist in Expression Web.

FrontPage is being replaced by Microsoft Expression Web, a professional Web authoring tool with features that help you design, develop, and maintain exceptional standards-based Web sites. Expression Web’s interface is similar to FrontPage, making it easier for FrontPage users to transition to Expression Web, but Expression Web comes with many new, different tools - and the ability to customize the interface layout - to help Web designers and developers work more efficiently. FrontPage users who are interested in bringing their Web sites to higher levels of sophistication and standards compliancy will find Expression Web an invaluable tool for developing Web sites.

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