PowerPoint 2002 und 2003 Hotfix für fehlerhaftes Update MS11-022 [Updated]

PowerPoint 2002 und 2003 Hotfix für fehlerhaftes Update MS11-022 [Updated]

Microsoft stellt ab sofort jeweils einen Hotfix sowohl für Microsoft PowerPoint 2002 als auch für Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 zum Download zur Verfügung. Der Softwarekonzern hatte im Rahmen des monatlichen Patch Day für April das Sicherheitsupdate MS11-22 veröffentlicht und zum Download freigegeben. Dieses erwies sich jedoch als fehlerhaft…

The Microsoft Office Blog -> The complete story on the PowerPoint 2002/2003 issue - and the fixes you need: http://goo.gl/aUQE7

On April 12, we released a security fix via Windows Update that fixed a vulnerability in PowerPoint 2002 and PowerPoint 2003.


But in our effort to get those security issues resolved, we inadvertently introduced a data loss issue around background images on slide masters for our PowerPoint 2002 and PowerPoint 2003 customers. Some of you experienced hangs when opening PowerPoint files. And in some cases, this led to the corruption of the original file.


I and the rest of the PowerPoint team deeply regret these issues if you've experienced them. Know that we value you as a customer and don't take this lightly.


Teams from PowerPoint and our Sustained Engineering group worked around the clock to provide a solution, and we're happy to announce that the hard work paid off. The teams built hotfixes for both affected versions of PowerPoint, and to prevent any future problems, you should install a hotfix immediately.

Office Hotfix Packages

Die aufgelisteten Hotfix Packages können ab sofort heruntergeladen werden. Sie stehen allerdings nicht zum freien Download zur Verfügung, sondern müssen unter Angabe einer gültigen E-Mail-Adresse bei Microsoft Support angefordert werden. Der Link zum Download des angeforderten Hotfix-Pakets wird anschließend an die angegebene E-Mail-Adresse verschickt.

PowerPoint 2003 hotfix package KB2543241 anfordern / herunterladen

PowerPoint 2002 hotfix package KB2543242 anfordern / herunterladen

Issues that this hotfix package fixes

When you open presentations that contain layouts with background images in PowerPoint 2003, an error may occur. When the error occurs, you receive a message that states that some contents (text, images, or objects) have corrupted. You can determine what content has been lost by viewing the layout, but not by viewing the slide content. Items that were removed will display a blank box or a box that contains "cleansed."

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