Internet Explorer 8 Optimized for AIM

Internet Explorer 8 Optimized for AIM

This free download of Internet Explorer 8 is optimized for AIM. Stay connected with your buddies with Internet Explorer 8 optimized for AIM. Send IMs, update your AIM Status and more with just one click.

Internet Explorer 8 Optimized for AIM

Visit the following Web site to download the Internet Explorer 8 Optimized for AIM:

How Internet Explorer 8 is Optimized for AIM

  • AIM Toolbar - Buddy List features, right in your browser.
  • Share this Webpage - easily share URLs from your favorite sites.
  • AIM Search enhanced by Google - set as default.

What's New in Microsoft Internet Explorer 8

  • Faster and Easier - Accelerators, Web Slices: Get things done quicker than ever.
  • Enhanced Security - Stay more secure and browse with confidence.
  • Easy Upgrade - Your settings will be carried forward from other browsers.

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