Windows XP HealthVault Connection Center 2.1

Windows XP HealthVault Connection Center 2.1

Microsoft has released a software update for Windows XP HealthVault Connection Center.

HealthVault Connection Center is software from Microsoft that you can download for free. It runs on your computer and enables you to transfer measurements from health and fitness devices (such as blood pressure monitors, pedometers, glucometers and many others) via your computer to your online HealthVault account.

The following file is available for download from the Microsoft Download Center:

HealthVault Connection Center 2.1 provides quick and easy upload of device data to HealthVault and helps you use the data with Web sites and applications that work with HealthVault. This most current release includes:

  • A simpler, more engaging user interface
  • Guided setup to find and install compatible devices
  • Ability to select multiple records for upload (for multi-user devices)
  • Ability to set upload preferences for each device you use
  • Improved support to prevent upload of duplicate data
  • First-time uploads will be much faster, and all uploads will take up significantly less space in a HealthVault record.
  • You can report any failures in the installation program back to Microsoft, with error codes and detailed logs. This improvement helps us solve any problems you might encounter and improve the product for all users.
  • You will be less likely to experience unexpected messages in Connection Center if you install or connect a new device when you already have other installed devices.

How to check your version of HealthVault Connection Center

To check your version of HealthVault Connection Center, follow these steps:

  • Start Microsoft HealthVault Connection Center.
  • Click the Help menu, and then click About.
  • If your version number is earlier than 2.0.0000.0000, you should apply this update.

To use HealthVault Connection Center, you’ll need a compatible health or fitness device and a HealthVault account with a Windows Live ID. You’ll also need to give HealthVault Connection Center permission to access records in your HealthVault account.

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