Flickr App für Windows Phone Version 1.4 erschienen

Flickr App für Windows Phone Version 1.4 erschienen

Für die offizielle Flickr App für Windows Phone 7 der gleichnamigen Foto-Plattform steht im Windows Phone Marketplace ab sofort ein Update zum Download bereit. Die Version 1.4 der Fotosharing-App für Windows Phone 7 kann ab sofort kostenlos heruntergeladen werden. Einen Überblick über alle Neuerungen und Verbesserungen in dieser Version findet ihr weiter unten.

You take photos. Flickr® for Windows Phone 7® is the perfect way to share them on the go. With our full-featured mobile app, you can upload your photos on the go, anytime, anywhere. Keep up with your family and friends through recent activity on Flickr and comment or favorite the images they share with you. You can also easily share your photos with the people who matter to you directly from Flickr or setup your account to share through Facebook, Twitter and more.

Flickr App für Windows Phone 7 herunterladen

Die Version 1.4 kann ab sofort im Windows Phone Marketplace geladen werden.

Die Version enthält die folgenden Neuerungen und Verbesserungen:

  • Fix for the "black screen" issue (yay!), performance and stability improvements.

Flickr App für Windows Phone 7 Beschreibung

Here are a few cool things we like to mention:

  • Upload is available via the little up-arrow on the home panorama. Just tap it and we'll take you to all photos on your device. To upload a photo, you can tap a thumbnail once and enter additional information or just tap it twice to upload it instantly using your recently used privacy settings. Access to the camera is also available from the upload screen.
  • Swipe horizontally on the photo pane to see comments for this photo; to see in which sets and groups this photo also appears in and to see the EXIF data, if available. Tapping the small photo detail shows and hides the full photo.
  • Tapping the photo on the photo pane takes you to the lightbox mode . Here you can see and browse photos in fullscreen mode. Tapping the screen again hides all controls and pinching allows you to zoom the photo.
  • Sharing to Twitter and via email is available from the photo pane or the lightbox mode. You will need to setup Flickr2Twitter to enable Twitter sharing from the app.
  • Tap "Contact's Activity" or "Contacts" in the You-section on the home panorama to see a list of all of your contacts and to go from there to their photostream.
  • All headers in the "You" section on the home panorama can be tapped and bring you to either your photostream, to a list of photos of you, to your sets and favorites and to your contact list.
  • You like someones photos but the member is not your contact yet? Navigate to the members photostream by tapping on it's name and swipe to the profile pane. There is a little plus-button in the app bar that can make you two friends, family or contacts.
  • Showing photos to friends but they are not on Flickr yet? Go to your contacts list by tapping on "Contacts Activity" on the home panorama and hit the plus button in the app bar to invite your friends to Flickr.
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