BlogEngine.NET 2.0 Release Candidate steht zum Download bereit

BlogEngine.NET 2.0 Release Candidate steht zum Download bereit

Das BlogEngine.NET Team hat heute die Release Candidate 2.0 der ASP.NET-basierten Blog-Software BlogEngine.NET freigegeben und auf CodePlex zum Download bereitgestellt.

Die Blog-Software BlogEngine.NET dient dem Betrieb eines ASP.NET-gestützten Weblogs.

Die BlogEngine.NET Engine ist, wie der Name schon selber sagt, eine Blog-Software die auf Basis der modernen Microsoft .NET Plattform entwickelt wurde, die dem Betrieb eines ASP.NET-gestützten Blogs dient…

BlogEngine.NET 2.0 Release Candidate steht im CodePlex zum kostenlosen Download bereit:

BlogEngine 2.0 Release Candidate is Out!
Just several months after version 1.6 was released, we're happy to announce that a Release Candidate for BlogEngine.NET 2.0 is available.!.aspx

BlogEngine.NET 2.0 Release Candidate Features & Notes

The following new features and changes are in version 2.0.

  • Upgraded to .NET 3.5.
  • New Control Panel - complete makeover.
  • Recaptcha, captcha to reduce spam for Comments and Contact Form.
  • SimpleCaptcha, captcha to reduce spam.
  • TypePadFilter, anti-spam comment filter.
  • Disqus, optionally replace the normal comment system with Disqus.
  • SQL CE 4.0 support - standalone DB storage in the App_Data directory.
  • Recycle bin for Posts, Pages and Comments.
  • New Dashboard in control panel.
  • Posts list and Pages list - grid of all Posts and Pages in one easy to see area.
  • Added jQuery, automatically included and available in pages.
  • Security improvements - related to external content the blog may download.
  • New Media Elements JS library extension for HTML5 video support.
  • Themeable Widget Containers & Newsletter widget Notification Emails.
  • New Syntax Highlighter extension - most popular syntax highlighting library.
  • Roles & Rights system - create Roles and assign Rights to each role.
  • Private blog feature - require users to be logged in to access the blog.
  • Option to allow self-registration for visitors.
  • Improved JS/CSS minification speed and size.
  • Latest version of tinyMCE WYSIWYG editor.

If you're upgrading from BlogEngine.NET version 1.6 or earlier, please take a minute to read these upgrade instructions.

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BlogEngine.NET is an open source .NET blogging project that was born out of desire for a better blog platform. A blog platform with less complexity, easy customization, and one that takes advantage of the latest .NET features.

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