Bing App 1.1 für iPhone und iPod touch verfügbar

Bing App 1.1 für iPhone und iPod touch verfügbar

Bing for iPhone, die kostenlose Mobile Anwendung der Bing-Suchmaschine für Apples iPhone und iPod touch, ist in einer neuen Version erschienen und steht ab sofort im US-amerikanischen iTunes App Store zum Download bereit. Die Entwickler von Microsoft haben in einem Blogeintrag im Bing Search Community Blog die Verfügbarkeit der Version 1.1 der Mobilen-App im US-amerikanischen iTunes App Store bekanntgegeben.

Achtung: Bing for iPhone steht ab sofort nur noch im US-amerikanischen iTunes App Store zur Verfügung. Um die Bing App dennoch herunterladen zu können, benötigt ihr einen US-Account für den US-amerikanischen App Store.

Einen Überblick über die Neuerungen und Verbesserungen in der neuen Version 1.1 finden Sie weiter unten.

Bing for iPhone

Bing for iPhone, steht ab sofort im iTunes App Store zum Download bereit:

Bing for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
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Bing Mobile App 1.1 für iPhone - Neue Funktionen

  • Bookmarks and improved web browsing - You can now bookmark maps, directions, web sites, businesses, search terms, even the weather report, and get to the bookmarks right from the Bing home page.
  • Sharing - You can share interesting results with your friends using e-mail.
  • Copy and paste URLs - You told us and we listened! We now support copying and pasting URLs.
  • Parental control on search settings - We helped make search safer by letting you set a SafeSearch level and create a passcode so it can’t be changed. This is a benefit for parents who want to make sure the kids are only going to safe sites on their devices.
  • Search history and private search -  You can now view and edit your search history.  You can also search the web without saving your history on the device using private search.
  • Explicit location setting - Let your iPhone find you or set a specific location so you can search near there (super useful when you're going to travel to another city and want to find things around there).
  • Tighter integration of contacts in directions -  Bing now autosuggests contacts from your address book when you enter start and end locations in directions.
  • Support for 1st generation iPod touch devices - We now support all versions of iPod touch.

Bing Mobile App 1.1 für iPhone - Beschreibung

  • Bing is designed specifically to work with your iPhone, so now you can get help making decisions and get where you need to be quickly and easily.
  • With Bing on your iPhone, you can search maps or the web with your voice, and flick through photo previews with image search.
  • Make decisions and get where you need to go with Bing.
  • See the Bing daily image and related trivia on the home screen. Search maps or the web with your voice – even say an address.
  • Use Image Search and flick through previews.
  • Download Bing today to find stuff nearby and get there fast.
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